Keep following the cliffside until you reach the larger cave entrance lit by a torch. Destroy the wooden walls blocking the path to get inside and collect the Wealth. Hyvlatonna Carbon Ingot 2. Kill and loot the Skull Crusher. In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide, we’ll lead you to every Wealth, Mystery, and Artifact in Rygjafylke (which most likely means something like “land of rye farmers”).. Use our maps Hyvlatonna - 1.

Hyvlatonna wealth

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Ingot: In a cave on the west of Hyvlatonna。 You need to break 2 walls to reach the chest chamber. Gear: Inside a house in Stavanger. Gear: On a platform hanging from a tree in the Maurauder’s Den. Gear: Inside the house in the middle of the Ikke en Oy island. Gear All Locations Guide in Assassin's Creed Valhalla provides an overview of all the game's regions, towns, points of interest, wealth markers, secrets and more. The game's environments are vast and varied, providing plenty of opportunity for exploration and discovery across different terrains, ranging from high altitude mountains to swamps and bogs. AC Valhalla Hyvlatonna Wealth & Chests Locations Hyvlatonna is a cliffside fortress in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Go to the right Wealth icon first. Defeat Skull crusher. Loot body.

Carbon Ingot #12: Hyvlatonna. Look for a narrow pass leading into the cliff along the west wall.

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Hyvlatonna wealth

Kill the Skull-Crusher inside the stone circle and loot him to get your Carbon Ingot.

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There is a wealth map marker in Norway > Rygjafylke > Hyvlatonna The Ingot was on an elite enemy, I killed it, looted the ingot but the Wealth Map Progress did not complete and the marker is still there Moving the enemy corpse will move the marker around the map There is no way to 100% complete the map now The wealth point south-west of Hyvlatonna would be a cave that can only be accessed by very small platform on the face of the summit. Some Iron Ore can be found in this wealth point. At Hyvlatonna, defeat ‘Skull-Crusher’ in single combat and loot his body to get a Carbon Ingot. In a cave on the west of Hyvlatonna. Carbon Ingot #11: Hyvlatonna. Kill the Skull-Crusher inside the stone circle and loot him to get your Carbon Ingot. Carbon Ingot #12: Hyvlatonna.